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Originally Posted by mowerman90 View Post
Before you start loading up the Uhaul you'll have a few things to consider. Are you prepared to:
1. See your competition mow 10,000 Sq FT lots for $12 - $15 per cut?
2. Work in 90 to 100 degree weather with 95% humidity?
3. Have your workday cut short by daily afternoon thunder storms dropping
1" of rain?
4. Have lousy dealer support with high prices.
5. Have to compete against uninsured, unlicensed, fly-by-night services?

I could go on but these things and more are what await you. Just be prepared. The customer base (retirees) you'll be working with have been here for a while and know how to play one service against another. I could go on and on but you'll probably have to see for yourself to believe it.
You must be in a depressed area of Florida to get $15 for 10K. I get around $200/mo. For a property like that with a little bit of landscaping. More like $250/mo. With where my prices are now...the rest of your points I agree with though.
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