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If you are in the business then you at some point you need to take all of these. Once you get a good base and don't care to pick up ton more work you can start dictating what you do. You can slowly raise the price on accounts you don't want and say no to ones you don't care to touch.

Sure we would all love a schedule full of monthly full service customers. Fact is many markets including mine will not support that.

I have some full service monthly accounts. I have some well paying mow-blow-go accounts. The vast majority o my accounts are per cuts billed monthly and many of them I also do wee control and seeding. Billing takes some extra time but I any afford to drop them.

I will be sending out a packet in a few weeks explaining how I'm now pushin weekly only mow visits and other services. I'm also explaining the benefits if 12 equal payments. So we will see how it goes!
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