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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
They don't make too many bad oil filters...only wrong ones...
I guess we all draw on our experiences to form opinions on what is good or bad...
I personally would never use a Purolator or Wix filter on a mower engine...for good reasons..
I used to buy blown up engines to get the usable parts off them..over half of them had Purolator and Wix filters on them when they failed...not too many Frams....
In reality...people that are trying to save money on filters are more likely to cut corners on maintenance...
Piston Slapper, we take excellent care of the Kohler engines on our Walkers and I do not believe that using a Wix filter is indicative of cutting corners on mtce. As I have stated here on the forum previously, we routinely get over five thousand hours out of the CH family of Kohlers.
Here is a link that is a comparison between Fram and Wix. After reading this as well as other links depicting Fram filters as garbage, I would say that using a Fram filter on any engine is like a ticking time bomb.
As you and others have stated, personal preference weighs heavy and I am not going to argue with anyone's pick of filter or oil for that matter.

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