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I think steel toes for LCO's aren't practical. That steel toe would just be something else for the surgeon to dig out of your foot if your foot went under a deck.

I've had 5 pairs of these.
Gore tex makes them waterproof
Mesh uppers make them comfortable in hot weather.
The hiking boot sole makes them not slip on wet grass

Since they're hiking boots not work boots they don't wear well. I wear out a pair every year. And I mostly ride not walk. But they're just so darned nice on my old feet. If it's freezing I wear wool sox. Polypropelyne sox if it's hot.

I've had Merrill's and they will bend at the arch not at the ball of the foot like Danner. That'll give you plantair facituis.

I have some Keen sandals I wear sometimes. I've never tried their boots.
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