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Appearance does matter. At least it does to me and that all that matters to me. When I see someone rolling down the street with junk I'm just not thinking that they really don't care about anything. They may talk a good talk, but when you look at what they do closely, the differences are apparent. Even in the way they take care of their customers. I don't believe the equipment must be new, but it does have to be taken care of. This truck belongs to a friend of mine. 99% of you would be horrified to ride in this piece of junk, as am I. He does an okay job on lawns, not great, and he's never interested in doing extra stuff like trimming bushes. When I sold my company in MD he got first pick. He didn't want any of the fancy jobs with full service. Just the simple stuff. His company policies, like insisting upon being paid each week, is driving what few high end customers he has away. He rides around week after week, like a paper boy, collecting from his customers.


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