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Originally Posted by maelawncare View Post
Trevon Martin anyone?

Even something as simple as protecting yourself can leave your life in misery. I'm not saying he shouldn't of shot that kid. He was protecting himself and had every right to. But the media and his town turned on him.

Now imagine if you shot someone because they stole your trimmer. It would be worse.

You have every right to carry a gun. You have every right to shoot someone that comes at you. But if they are stealing your property and you confront them, if they run away, you cannot shoot them. Of course you can give chase. But in no way is your life in danger of them running away from you. So if you shoot them, thats aggravated assault, attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, unlawful discharge of a firearm, and probably a noise violation for good measure.

You should NEVER pull your firearm, unless you or someone elses life is in danger. Not just shoot, but pull the firearm. You must try to deescalate the situation before ever pulling a gun. Or did you forget that part on your CCW test?
This is true also if there is a chance that you could have gotten away yourself without confrontation will be looked at. IMHO someones life is worth more than a $300 trimmer (heard this in a case before) now if I have seen trucks that everything that wasn't bolted was taken. If I see somebody backing a Z out of my trailer at 1 am............... that wouldyou be hard to stand there and watch........hmmmm.
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