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I would never be ok with that truck because it has rust on it and its multi color. but fix the rust and paint it all one color and it'd be fine.

the trimmer no way. if it can't be held together on its own its time for a new one.

but the mower in the pic. besides the missing anti scalp wheels I see nothing wrong with it. it actually a bit more red showing than my 09 52" toro grandstand does right now.

appearance does matter but some take it to the extreme I think. you don't need new shinny looking dirt free stuff all the time. if your equipment never looks like its been in a yard that says to me your not busy because if you have that kind of time to clean things up that good your not working enough.

it goes along with those that will give an estimate and do the job right then and there. I never do this. if you can afford to do a job on spot your not busy enough and there must be a reason your not busy enough.

I would never hire someone who would do the job right then and there or that pulls up in a rig with everything shiny and new looking.
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