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need help with a stump quote

I know this isnt the right site, i should ask this in tree or whatever, but i didnt feel like creating a new account over there just to ask this one question.

Any way, guy has 200 (foot and a half in diameter) pine stumps to be removed. They had been growing for close to 20 years, just cut back in 2010, so most of these stumps are good fat lighter.

I am going to rent a backhoe loader that is $1290 a week. He wants them dug up, so grinding isnt an option. and I own the stumps after they come out of the ground.

I know a guy with a couple dump trucks, and he is willing to haul these stumps off for me for free, since they are fat lighter and he can sell them to a wood products plant near me.

He doesnt want me to put in fill dirt, he will do that himself.

This job is going to take a little over two weeks, according to my calculations. 200 stumps@ 2 stumps up per hour = approx 100 hrs. The back hoe loader, based on a 40 hr work week is $32/ hr alone. I have to make $20 per hour and my operator is going to make $12.50 per hour.

so thats $65/ hr. i was thinking quoting this guy $6700. is this the right way to calculate my quote? This is going to be my biggest job yet, if he accepts my quote, and im just wondering if im on the right track.

My set up:
-2007 Chevy 2500hd 8.1l 4x4
-7x18 enclosed trailer
-Grasshopper front mount 61", gravely 52"
-36" Gravely Walkbehind, 21" exmark push mower
-Stihl everything

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