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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
Eric...slow down when you're reading....I said people are more likely to cut corners on maintenance. .not all inclusive..
Using aftermarket parts is cutting corners...if the Wix...or any other brand were any better..I'm sure Kohler would slap them on at the factory...
Citing a 7 year old thread as proof is a bit lame....not gonna sway my vote..not when the guy I know has logged about 300,000 work hours on the PH3614 filter without an oil related issue...

BTW...a breach in the filter material could contribute to damaging the sump bushing...leading to a gear failure...

HO ...HO...HO....

Piston Slapper, I fully understand what you are saying. And I agree with you. I was just looking to show that no matter what parts are being utilized, (in this case Fram) there is good and bad evidence on the web.
Here is a link from April of 2012 that says the same thing about the Fram filters so this is a more recent opinion with the same results.
I feel that the a quality oil filter along with a good quailty oil and proper mtce can prolong the life expectancy of any manufacturers engine.
Here is some more good reading on the differences between oil filters

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

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