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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
Eric..if you guys are getting 4000 to 6000 hrs out of an engine...especially on Walker mowers...
You maintenance is spot on...don't change a thing...
Just trying to Stir The Pot....
Oil filters are like a woman that looks good ...until she opens her mouth and starts talking...
You remember more about the defective ones..than those that quiety did their job...
In the past 35 years...I've seen bad batches of oil filters from Wix and Napa...cost them a. Ton of. Money...
It doesn't matter what you build it out of...if there are defects in the manufacturing process..
Piston Slapper, you are the voice of reason and experience. Thank you for your input. I look forward to your threads and responses. I have learned a great deal. What you forgot, I have not learned yet.
Enjoy the holiday.

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