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I'm glad this thread is getting a little bit back on track. I know that the pay per service offers the easiest relationship of customer to business as they pay what what they get. But what if you presented it this way. Let's say a potential client's lawn is worth about $45/cut. You offer them 2 plans for 30 cuts/year.

Plan A.) Charge per cut at $47 for a total of $1410

Plan B.) Even payments of the 30 week period or 8months at $45/cut. Or $1350 or $168.75/month.

Show them with an average of 4 cuts per month would be $188/ month with a per service agreement or $168.75 with monthly. Still making your $45 but getting them to like the monthly. A smart consumerist can figure it all out but just like most people buying autos they only look at a monthy price..... Not saying it will work but sales is kind of a little bit of mind games. You're not ripping someone off you're molding them to take on your business model. if someone doesn't like it they don't have to take it. But if you put numbers on the table the lower one always looks better. And most don't calculate anything. For those that just have a love relationship with per cut I think it's fine too so no need to defend it.
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