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Hey guys, I dont come here much, I was going to chase the hardscaping at one point, but decided to stick with chimneys. Anyhow,

John the pain, your site has recent links here:

Seo is supposed to be reaching out to others in similar industries building relationships for backlinks, guest postings, whatever. What seo usually is-is 250-500 word articles on a network. Every 400, 700, 2000 bucks you get a half dozen articles on a network. It works, esp if they take precautions to hide their footprints, it works for now anyways. Someday it will be just spam and ignored.

The bad seo is complete outsourced links to india. Even the better of the outsourced services are still easily spotted, spammed to death and move keywords only due to link velocity. Once you stop adding keywords, you plummet as google doesnt see you as "news" any more and decides you are old and irrelevant.

Not saying this is what your guy is doing, but you should have a clear understanding of how he is building your seo link profile with. It should be a varied, natural looking keyword profile, as well as a diverse backlink profile. You should strive to have links in good neighborhoods that will be good links in the future as well.
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