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I used to wear Carolina work boots, one pair about every 18 months. They fit well. Their failure was breaking out the side, right foot, just at the sole line. The failure was consistent - boots were consistent, and my foot/walking was consistent.

Carolina stopped making the model, so I switched to Wolverine Durashocks. I think I have had five pair, each lasting about 18 months as well. The sides hold up well, unlike the Carolina, but the soles break apart on the Wolverine. The soles are multi-part, and the seams between the parts breaks open. The uppers show no signs of deterioration.

All of my Wolverines have fit well, perhaps not quite as well as the Carolina. But, the last pair are not good. I developed a rub-place on the left foot, and a hard spot on the right ball. They are exactly the same size as all the others, but this last pair just don't fit quite right. What will I do next? Not sure. I only have about three months of wear on these, so they are destined for lots of walking yet.
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