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I have a 2003 F250, with 5.4L gas, reg cab, 2wd, with cap (lots of tools and hand-held power equipment). I pull a single axle trailer, with three mowers. My work is is residential neighborhoods, driving only about 5,000 miles per year. I now have oil leaks (see my other thread), and in a decision point, repair or replace?

My pickup gets about 9 mpg (about 280 miles per 33 gal refill). I think this is horrible!

In my decision time($2,500-$3,000 in repairs). I've looked at new ones, F250 XL, reg cab, 2wd. They come with a 6.2L engine. Could I expect better mpg with the larger engine? I feel like I am never beginning to tax the 5.4, so never sense lack of power.
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