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That's all true. I have always felt the more information on a subject someone can gather the better they will be able to make a decision, so this was one more study. The question is, will the spring back effect outweigh the 55% loss of lateral growth during the first month? Thats for others to decide, as I have always felt plugs are a pain in the ass for many reasons and sod is usually more practical and usually cheaper when you figure all the care that is needed babysitting it to fill in. Just my opinion, too each their own.

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This is only one research example and the opinion of one result. It has been my experience if you ask one question of two PhD who share the same office. You get 3 answers. They each have their own opinion and a mutual opinion.

Unfortunate this Study doesn't take into account the SPRING BACK EFFECT. True PGR slow down top growth and some lateral growth. However as the PGR wear off the Plant grows extra fast. Thus the SPRING BACK EFFECT. Plus while the PGR is working it creates a thicker stronger plant and that is why there is a boom in growth as the PGR wears off. Therefore proper timing of application and non application of a PGR will decrease grow in time for plugs.

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