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Originally Posted by big daddy b View Post
WOW. 36 man hours to cut in that walkway....Where I work 36 man hours would have been the entire job.
I would have had the entire soldier course cut in 2 hours, with a guy following behind me swapping out cuts and laying in soldier course, with a guy following behind him installing snap edge. done and done.
And don't so anything about quality of work versus production or anything like that. Go click the link in my sig, you can see the quality of work we do.
We just do it much faster and better than anyone else. haha.

Lets keep it real buddy. Not competing to see who's manhood is bigger.

Veteran contractors come in here whining about being underbid. Because rookie contractors have no clue why they're Gettin into. Now some newbie will think that's truly possible.

This border could not have been mitered in 2 hrs as you claim. Just not humanly and physically possible. Reality is that saw can only cut so fast.
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