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Originally Posted by LandFakers View Post
I let people take an hour lunch, relax, and all that. Im not here to slave drive. Im just not going to have people take 45 minutes to get lunch and then expect an hour to eat...
no the 1hr includes driving to the place, standing in line, and eating. 1hr total. not 1hr 45min lol.

we always stopped on the way to the next yard so our lunch didn't start until we got to the eating joint. so we had 5-10 min to order our food and sit down and then 50-55min to eat and relax.

now that i'm solo i usually only spend 30min for lunch. i'm not trimming all day though either. i'm sitting on a mower alot so that's not very hard work. i just relax doing that or driving between jobs. i often get a drink or whatever after edging or trimming before i get on the mower. i just work at my own pace which is what i love most about having my own business.
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