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As far as keeping your name because you have been in business for 7 years, seems kind of pointless to me. The only people that care about your name are current clients and referrals. However, many referrals don't really care what your name is. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of your company name because it's not descriptive enough for a landscaping company, unless your focus is 100% irrigation.

I do like the brand name Kajun so you can play with that. Additionally, your domain doesn't need to be the same as your company name. Depending on your primary service I would suggest going along with something similar to:

Or all of the above if you really want to brand the Kajun concept. I saw that most of them are available.

Depending on how you model your business and how you want to grow, it can be useful to design a nomenclature for your domains for expansion.

My first website was and I've since expanded my company to a few other cities using the same concept of and
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