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we don't do maintenance so it is a little different for us but here is how our crews work lunch.

Construction and install crews: get a 30 minute paid lunch half way through the day. They bring their lunch with them. A couple of the guys have a routine that a couple days a week they order sandwiches and have them delivered to the site they are on, they call them in early and request that they be delivered at a certain time.

Fert techs and irrigation/lighting service guys also get 30 minutes and can either bring their lunch or stop on their route for fast food or take out. If they have to go out of the way of their route for food, that additional drive time is part of the 30 minute break. For normal days they are not allowed to stop and eat at a customers property, they are expected to stop for lunch between accounts. If they are at the location for an extended period of time, such as a large 4hr fert app or an irrigation repair that takes 1/2 a day, and it is around break time, then they are allowed to take the break on site.

Construction crews always have a cooler of ice and bottled water, many choose to bring their own gatorade. I picked up an icemaker of craigs list real cheap. The grocery stores are always running sales on 24pks of water.

Also every Friday lunch for the guys. In the am we grab orders from the guys on the construction/install crews, then someone goes and grabs it or we have it delivered later on. I don't leave the other guys out, everyone not on the instal crews gets a $10 gift card on friday morning. I keep a number of giftcards for a few different chains in my desk. btw if you talk to the manager and are buying a couple hundred in gift cards you can usually get a good discount, I usually pay between $5-$7 for $10 cards.
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