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Originally Posted by fl-landscapes View Post
I actually think it would have been worthy of your advanced agronomy section. When you think about it, it takes a certain amount of carbohydrates and other nutrients to grow a plant x amount, so when these nutrients are stored due to a pgr being applied, would the spring back be greater than the growth of what would have happened if pgr wasn't applied? Or is it equal growth only at a faster (surge rate)? Or is it actually less growth during the spring effect because although the nutrients stored, some must be used elsewhere in the plant like the roots, no?
Two points of order.

1. An advanced agronomy forum is not considered Politically Correct by the management of Lawnsite. However a Organic forum is.

2. There are not longer 10 active members on Lawnsite who could contribute to an advanced agronomy forum. Myself included since I now have forgotten more than I learned about L&O. I only do Fire Ant and Structural Pest Control now.


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