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Originally Posted by big daddy b View Post
........You definitely don't have a full 6" on the bottom left side of the picture. I don't think that spot is even wide enough for snap edge.
Wow. You're really a miserable individual at this time of year. It's Christmas. Most people are pleasant.

No computer bud. Mobile device

There is clearly at least 6" of base in the bottom left of the pic. There is sand covering it up. The sand you see is on top of the base. There is a portion of a shadow and the sand has been walked on making it hard to tell. At least 8-inches. But if you actually take the time to look at the picture, you know - the time you spent typing miserable comments - you would see this. But your mind is clouded with attempting to be as nasty as you can.

You can see there is plenty of aggregate and then the shadow starts and we have walked on the excess sand, what do you think the base just suddenly stopped where the shadow is?! Amazing.

Have a GREAT holiday And may 2013 be a terrific year for you and your family.
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