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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
You miss the point...

In order for any type of herbicide to work,,, it must stay residual in the soil long enough for the plant to take it up...

Dry,,, is fine for above ground grazing(maybe) ,,, but,,, chickens eat dirt, for the gizzard... all birds do...

Besides,,, he will only have a barnyard,,, not a lawn...

2 dogs can make a barnyard,,, let alone adding chickens, geese,,,and a pig...
I agree with fl-landscapes on this one. Not all herbicides are active in the soil -- glyphosate being maybe the most notable. Most POST herbicides that we use in lawn and landscape situations have some amount of foliar and root uptake, but the majority of the uptake is coming from foliar contact.

Beyond that, most foliar applied herbicides are taken up rather quickly. Research has shown that about 90% of all the berbicide that a plant is going to take up from an application is taken up in the first 15 minutes after application.

Soil activity is usually not a deal breaker and uptake is usually very quick (except in some situations of environmental stress).
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