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Pivotrim televison test

I would like to be able to wear flip flops and shorts like my friend used in this Pivotrim test on our local television station's "Does it work segment"!

I have not spoken to him regarding his manner of dress, however, I did tell him that I thought he did a good job presenting the Pivotrim.

Here's to Dennis!

I always have and always will wear work boots at work. Steel toe is preferred, but not forced upon anyone, however a work boot is required.
My reasoning is because work boots, tightly laced, will protect your ankle, where sneakers or shoes offer no support, as the ankle is exposed, the work boot offers over the ankle support. Say when you are weedeating, walking and happen to step off in an hole.....there are other scenarios as well.
Just one less thing to worry about. You don't want to sidelined due to a sprained ankle.
"Thanks dad, you gave me courage, wisdom, honesty and strength. I will truly miss you, my friend."
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