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another thing my attorney has advised me. A few of my guys take trucks home at night. For example, my irrigation tech and lead fert tech. The usually go straight to the first account of the day or supply house and at the end of the day they often do not go back to the shop. What we do to cover for this is, they get paid for the windshild time that they would have from the shop to the first shop, and from the last shop back to the shop. So if they go to the supply house which is 45 minutes from the shop first thing in the am, they get paid 45 minutes, but my irrigation tech lives only 15 minutes from the supply house, so he actually makes out and gets paid for an extra 30 minutes. At the same time, the last account of the day may be 15 minutes from the shop, but he may live 60 minutes away. He gets paid for the 15 minutes only.
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