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Originally Posted by JContracting View Post
It's a win, win!

That's awesome to hear. I'm jealous you have someone that really has her stuff together! More so than I do! Still live with my parents, unfortunately, I'm searching for houses as I type this, just need another year or so and a couple big profited installs for a 10-20% down payment and I should be set. My truck is definitely not paid for either! Lol.
So we're the same age, I had thought you were a little bit older than I am but I was wrong. I pretty much quit trying to find girls because all I'd end up with is a girl that's dumb as hell and doesn't understand anything in regards to real life. A girl that's a couple years older or the same age and has gone through school has a career or a business of her own and most important, has the maturity level I have, would be ideal, but extremely tough to find!
How'd yall meet?
I was selling insurance for State Farm and we were in a conference together... we kind of caught each others eye... spoke just a minute or two... she emailed me saying I was disruptive at the conference because I kept cracking jokes... we talked for a week or two I asked her out on a date.. about a year later we live together... just bought a puppy last month, are looking for rental properties to buy and she's supporting me 100% to go back into this industry... I couldnt have found a better one!

I was actually in the same situation as you about not finding girls... I had a nice apartment I lived by myself with exceptions of my son, new car good job (was in lots of debt though because I was 20 and thought I could afford my $25k car, $800 apartment, health insurance, car insurance and some credit card debit on top of it!!) we started dating and I actually went belly up bankrupct lost everything... I tipped toed around for a few months doing every thing I could for extra money... i thought when i told her I was filing bankrupcty I was going to lose her but she stuck by myside...I saved up money to buy my truck and going about everything almost 100% debt free. I have some medical bills that I owe that were not discharged fully but still working around those.

And I got $1500 off the ring because I kept joking with the lady selling it to me and she kept adding discount after discount... So it became less expensive than I wanted to spend on a zero turn thankfully lol

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