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Originally Posted by Richard Martin View Post
If ever a place could be called perfect, your community would be a front runner for the title. Unemployment rate is 2.1%. Crime is almost virtually non existent. The cost of living is cheap with housing being the exception. 97% of the residents have graduated from high school. The youngsters still believe in marriage. Income is above the state average.

Surely there is some deep, dark secret that the world doesn't know about there?
Yep, Richard, it's pretty dang nice here. You didn't even mention the idilic climate for doing landscaping work. Seldom hits 90 in the summer, and tends to hover around 15 percent humidity. Heavenly to work in. And when it rains it's usually a quick pass through shower that comes late in the afternoon, and the grass dries out again quickly. And even though Colorado overall voted for Obama, my little county is heavy conservative, with the highest percentage of people owning guns of any county in state.

So with all that, can you believe it, I'm leaving. Have to, because on of my family members is having elevation related health issues and has to get to lower ground. Heading for Florida, and will be starting up fresh there with launching a new grounds care business.
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