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Originally Posted by ric1 View Post
Well what do you want to know. I'm running a 36" stander ( Toro Grandstand) with the 7 gauge Turbo Force deck and it's the best cutting deck I've ever used. I really like the adjustable Flow baffle for different types of grasses and conditions. With so many people putting up fences the 36" deck works well for gates and it rides fantastic, best purchase I ever made in a mower.
Thanks, ric. The grandstand is on my short list. Where are you located? I know different decks excel in different areas. I have a turbo force 60 inch on a G3 and love it too. I wanted to hear how it performed in the 36 inch version, especially as I've found it's not as deep as the 60 inch, so I'm glad you chimed in.

How does it give you any problems with the front lifting up on you? I demoed larger deck version and noticed it was lifting up on me more than I liked. I'm a big guy, though, and was operating it on very hill terrain.

Also, I've been reading about some issues of boil over after running for a while with the Grandstands. Worries me a bit as I'll be operating in Florida.
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