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Originally Posted by amanda8950 View Post
Looking to see what the "norm" is :

1/2 ton
3/4 ton
1 ton
The "norm" is what it takes to haul what you're hauling, including people.

Even the compacts can tow a light trailer equipped with brakes with a ZTR and a 21" on it. I've driven anything from a 2500 Chevy long bed (4,000 lbs capacity) to an S-10. They all work, it's a matter of fuel costs vs price and capacity. Some "big" trucks are actually lower rated for payload than some versions of compacts. Crew cabs, 4x4, etc reduce their capacity.

For what they cost these days, a Nissan Frontier would be a decent choice for someone who isn't hauling materials. A powerful V6, reliable, decent fuel economy, cheap. I use a 5.0 F150 FX4 supercab currently. Hellwig progressive helper springs make it pretty darn stable.

Some people don't mind the ride/handling/noise of an HD truck. I find it tiresome. I would also personally prefer a smaller, newer vehicle to a worn out HD diesel with hard miles on it that breaks down from time to time.
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