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Make a copy of the installation diagram and file it away in case you leave it on for years and have to remove/reinstall it later and forgot how!

A pneumatic wrench (I think that's what they're called) is cheap and is good for install/removal if you do it a lot.

As far as using it the usual applies, don't mulch wet and expect to make just one pass, don't take off too much at once, and in lush grass don't be disappointed if you have to make a second pass. Still faster/simpler than collecting. On a small lot you might just make one pass and blow any windrows that develop here and there to disperse them. Finally, there are limits to how tall you can cut while mulching, as it loses suction to stand it up at some point and airflow is messed up. Be sure your blades are set at the recommended spacer level in the deck if using a fixed deck.

If you find it's not mulching well try adding more overlap to take off less grass with each pass till you find there is no windrow left. I found Exmark's 48" trivantage mulches better than the 32/36" two blade units for some reason, but for routine cutting it should do well enough.
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