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Originally Posted by FastMan View Post
That's what I'm trying to decide. We have to leave Colorado because one of my family members is have respiration issues with the high altitude. We've decided to go to Florida because we have friends there in several places around the state.

I'd like to go where the potential for real estate recovery appreciation will be the highest, and where the prospects for a new landscaping business will be the greatest.

Plan on moving in the next couple months. Going down house hunting right after the holidays.
For real estate recovery appreciation that will be the highest, and the prospects for a new landscaping business will be the greatest will be in Central Florida. The Orlando area is where the recovery is the best in the state. Most anywhere along the I-4 corridor would be good. From Hillsborough County north to Citrus County and across the state I personally would stay away from either coast at least twenty miles just because of the tourist Industry being what it is both coast draw them like flies and it can be a total mess and nightmare on the roadways.
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