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Funny you should respond to pets eating the fertilizer products. It can happen!! I had a customer with a miniature doberman. This dog would wait until I fertilized and got a few prills on the back patio. The dog would come out of the doggie door and lick the salt prills up.??? My dog loves the taste of triple 13,etc. Salt is the essence when it is hot.
I forgot and left a opened bag of Urea in the back of my truck; drove into the pasture to cut down a tree and my mare at 15 lbs. before I could get to her.

Salt, in the growing season can be interesting to animals. If the granule is of combination products, just make sure you blow off any prills from hard surfaces. Don't take what the books say............anything is possible. As far as staying off the grass, fertilizer has no REI restrictions. You need to inspect the label on other products though.
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