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Originally Posted by LandFakers View Post
I think you mean Stihl trimmers, and they make a Kombi system that will fit your needs well. Either google "Stihl Kombi System" or go to their site and do some research. Alot of guys on here like them, I prefer one of each but thats just me, Less moving parts means less that can go wrong/break
That's what I meant. Damn iPad spell correct.
I looked at the Kombi but I don't want the hassle of the extra parts. I can edge it out pretty good now just using the trimmer, there are a couple Local companies using some kind of disk on the head of the trimmer that lets them roll down the sidewalk in a hurry. I have a corner lot with very long sidewalks plus a long driveway. I was hoping to figure out what that disk is or who makes it. I've looked at two local places and they do not have it or know of it.
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