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I personal love my Walker mower, 2010 MTGHS26. Hands down the best cutting mower available. Yes they are on the slow side, but there is a reason for it. I didn't buy it for mowing at 11 mph. It is defiantly a specialty type machine for high end properties. High end, best paying properties I must add. I specialize in a bagged cut and wouldn't do it any other way. Right now i'm using it for leaf clean-ups and am making $ hand over fist.

Walker publishes a short, two page pamphlet titled, "What you should know BEFORE buying a Mid Mount "Z", A price v.s. value study offered by Walker mowers" It's very informative and I recommend you take a look at it. It's available from your dealer or you can call the factory 1-800-279-8537.

What I don't get is how people say they are high maintenance. Each week I take 15-20 min and hit the major grease points. Whats so hard about hitting a few grease points.

And if there is ever a company who is true to their marketing it has to be Walker. From the deck that floats and flexes following ground contour, to the manicured cut to the superior leaf collection, to its gentle footprint, to its effortless maneuverability and precise steering controls, it does everything they claim it does and very well I might add.
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