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Originally Posted by ric1 View Post
I'm in central Florida (Tampa/St Pete area) I have no problem with the cut and all my lawns are St Augustine and Bahia. I've never had any problems with the mower and never encountered any lifting in the front end and I don't use any weights.
I go about 190 most of the time and I think it's supposed to take a 300lb rider. I'm not sure what you mean when you say issues with boil over but I'm going to assume your talking about the motor or drives getting hot, if so I've never had an issue with anything like that and I've been out mowing in temps of 105 degrees and better with no issues so I wouldn't let that worry you.
ric, thanks again. That's all very reassuring. Especially since you're out their using the unit in the very same state I'm heading to. Can't get much more relevant feedback. The GS just took a giant step up on my list.
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