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Originally Posted by JasonsLawnCare1 View Post
if you asked someone to sign a contract here they would laugh in your face and say no thanks lol

i'd rather make more money per month and get paid weekly than get paid all at once and make less

i save money to last through the off season. it's really only jan and feb here.

to skip is based on my judgement. customers hate paying for 4 cuts a month when you are only allowed to do 3 because of rain or dry conditions. that's why most are against it. i do have a few but i charge them only for the amount of cuts i performed that month.

i mow most yards bi weekly and i never bag. clippings are never left on the lawn looking bad and they don't take any longer to cut than a weekly account.
Jason, that's why you never say "Contract" to a customer, it's always a "service agreement" and like MD put it, you want customers on YOUR terms not theirs, it's as much about pshycology as anything, your a solo not looking to grow your business, which is fine. You'll find though that if you decide to go beyond being solo, these things matter.
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