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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
Jason, that's why you never say "Contract" to a customer, it's always a "service agreement" and like MD put it, you want customers on YOUR terms not theirs, it's as much about pshycology as anything, your a solo not looking to grow your business, which is fine. You'll find though that if you decide to go beyond being solo, these things matter.
I've never shared anyone's thought of getting the client on your terms not there's.

before officially hired questions I usually ask if not stated already are how would you prefer to pay, is there a certain day you wish to be serviced.

basically I run my business with a very important (to me anyway) in mind. the clients are my bosses. they sign my checks. so I try and do things there way as much as I can. it's not a I tell them when I'm coming and how I'm gonna do things operation unless that's what they want. if they want serviced on thurs and I can do that I will. if they want there grass cut at 2.5" instead of the standard healthy 3" I do it.

actually beyond that 1 important thing to me above all I treat each and every client how I would want to be treated by an LCO. and I would not tolerate a my way or the highway attitude from them.
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