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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
personally I'd like to think I landed every single account based on my excellent quality at an affordable price.

just because you have the newest and cleanest equipment doesn't mean you do the best work. I've seen guys who have the cleanest rigs in town yet the quality they turn out can't even compete with the guy who is pulling a trailer full of equipment purchased at home depot with his buick la saber.

I'd say maybe half my clients got a look at my rig before they hired me. the other half I was either in just my truck on a weekend or not even my own vehicle.

I've been out with family or friends on a day off and at them stop at a place so I can do an estimate.
I was saying that it's a package deal, everything is important, not just a clean rig, that is only part of the equation. Obviosly, quality is right at the top of the list along with superior service.
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