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Merry Christmas all. Sitting here in front of wood stove with coffee .... the Bassett Hound is snoring...awaiting Skype call from my son.

Good point about mowing at 2.5" vs 3.0" and letting customers pick their day. This is precisely what I want to move away from.

Except for the early spring low mow often down to less than 2-2.5" I prefer to mow most of my accounts at 3.25" to 3.5". Cool season grass just does better.... taller. Most LCO here cut too low and haul off clippings. I only bag when I'm forced to.

My cut quality is hands down better than 95% of my competitors. I edge vertically along sidewalks and drives and I'm one of those rare few that can maintain that crisp vertical edge with a string trimmer.

I thinks it's time that I dictate to my client base how its going to work best. My way or the highway. The.key is to be.diplomatic the.benefits.

Many homeowners water too frequently and at the wrong creating a host of.turf.issues. The older the ways and stubborn they are. The ones in their 80's are the worst.

It seems many Lawn Cutters here are pretty clueless about ideal turf management.

So why not bundle weekly mowing, fertilization and weed.control...?
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