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Yikes, I only charge $30 per man hour here, and I still get balked at. I have to go through a whole spiel about how quick we are, but yet thorough at the same time to get people to pay that. That $30 includes a 8.25% sales tax that I back out as well.

However, the cost of living here is very very very low. One of the lowest in the country. For example, the apartments here are $400-$500 a month for a one bedroom - bills paid. Even a pack of smokes is still 6 or 7 bucks.

Much of the demographic here is elderly. Which means they still expect pricing from the 70s. I could make more money counting dimes if I got one for every time I heard the words "fixed income".

It's not all that bad. With a few guys to work for me and the right equipment I can still make a pretty good living. Also, drive time is not bad at all. So some times we can hit many properties in a day, and the high end ones want it done several times to keep the clean look. So we get to come by and spend less time than we do mowing but still charge a little more than we do for an average mow. (usually based on the perception that if they were doing it with a trash can and rake it would take much longer)

Last thing I have to add is that we get to dump in large trash bins that are placed in the alley every couple of houses. We can usually fit a TON of leaves in one, and rarely fill up two after they are good and mulched/shredded.
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