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My goal in this business is for MY clients to have to healthiest and best looking lawn possible and to make it easier for the client to pay it all is to bank roll the aerations, fertilizations and weed control across 12 months if they are both lawn care client and a flat rate snow client. If they don’t want snow service then they can sign up for a “pay the same amount every month from March-November or maybe a scaled back program from April-October/November. It just reflects well on contractor since the important stuff doesn’t get skipped due to “funds are tighter this ...lets just skip it this time...” excuse.

Unfortunately I still mow some biweeklies but I feel it reflects poorly on the mowing contractor and on me. Those accounts will be replaced this next season.

If you are a personal trainer do you want a client who is obese and lazy and eats junk food and is only motivated 1/10 of the time ......or do you want a training client that is motivated to loose their gut and get fit and eats a decent diets and sticks to it 90% of the time and wants to start training for a Triathlon. The trainer looks good - as does the client.

I will be a licensed applicator here shortly and to be brutally honest I don’t want application clients that like to have their grass scalp mowed because they think it looks better or that’s what their neighbor does or what the putting green looks like. I do not want to broadcast spray lawns with anymore herbicide than I have to. I don’t want to even put down fertilizer “only” for people who water at the wrong times of day etc. Every lawn this last season that struggled to respond to fertilizer I have put down was either watered daily and at the worst possible time of day and had a thick thatch layer due to constant watering or had a history of fertilization with fast release products. The customer education process of “Healthy Grass Practices” has frankly been an uphill battle. People in out culture want quick and easy.

I mow my accounts as high as possible in the summer 3.25'” – 3.5” and my own grass is mowed at 4”+ in the summer to reduce water demands. [cool season grass]

If a clients like the short crew cut look and they want it mowed below 2.5” in the summer heat and insist on daily afternoon water cycles.... they can walk as far as I’m concerned.

This area is epidemic with Johnny upstarts and and lawn cutters who scalp mow and have zero clue about turf management. Many Irrigation contractors have timers set to water everyday in the summer at the worst possible times. I just don’t want to be enabling these types of clients.

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