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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
well you can move away from clients you can't control and I'll behind you to gladly work for them.

sure I cut most at a healthy 3" or higher height. sure most ask me my opinion and take my advice and let me do what I know is the proper thing for there property.

but my point is I don't try and control the client. it's not a my way or the high way business. I give my recommendation and if they don't take it I ultimately do what they want. they are the ones who sign my checks.

in this business I see it somewhat as I am the employee and they are the boss. but you guys are free to run your business however you want.
I don't try to control my clients either, but to control my business. There's a difference. But I will not let my customers control me or my business. They need to work within the parameters I set. They can state their preferences, but ultimately I control how it gets done and when. If they want to control the how and when they need to hire an employee and not a contractor.
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