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Thank you John and Knox for the tips. I now have the chassis ready to go. It is sitting up on cinder blocks. I would like to make it a rolling chassis and get it off the blocks so I will be focusing on getting some wheels under it. I already had some spare parts for the casters and will use them. I am going to order some new roller bearings for them. I will also start doing some research on whether it is possible to install them without a press. I've been thinking for a while now of paying a visit to my local harbor freight and checking out their presses. I suspect it can be done without a press but I might run into something else while working on this that will require it eventually anyway. Might be best to just spring for it up front. Also took a look at the wheel motors. Since they were sitting below the engine (and the fire) I am hoping they are OK and going with them for now. Other than some caked on crud on their shells they look OK. They hyrdo lines were still on them and came of cleanly so new ones should go on cleanly as well. I had replaced the seals in one of them already. If they end up leaking I guess I'll try it again. For now though they are the wheel motors going on the chassis.
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