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Originally Posted by mikesturf View Post
As an experiment, I have not put down a pre emergent on my lawn for 4 years and I have had no crabgrass. I've also done this on a few dozen of my customer's back yards who have dogs and want to add seed every spring in bare spots-never had crab grass. In my area (Chicago suburbs), it seems that only the parkway area and along the driveway needs pre-m. I've seen foreclosed homes that have not had any lawn fert service for a few years and I have seen crabgrass. But those lawns are very thin to begin with. Give a lawn a quality fertilization program along with having them mow no shorter than 3" and you will need less and less pesticides (no I'm not a tree hugger, just looking to use less chemicals and save money).

I'm most worried about the new seedlings lasting throughout the summer if we have another drought.
That should become another thread, about getting the turf healthy and thick enough to NOT require any kind of pre-M, every Spring...

One section of one lawn was neglected by the client during the drought this season... a lot of the turf actually died and the CG 'recaptured' this particular area... Several years ago CG was prolific in that area... I did an early Spring seeding while freeze/thaw was stilltaking place and the dead bodies of the CG was used for cover... it grew up thick enough that there was no longer CG there, UNTIL this year...

I realize that the Squirt&Fert guys need to do the pre-M all the time to make the money,,, like TGCL... I have never limitted myself to ONLY one aspect of the business so I don't think about just killing weeds but rather devote most of my energy to growing grass... The lawns in which the client believes in TGCL(or the wannabees) do not get much improvement and I really don't bother with those lawns much any more...
So I can see why many LCO's are reluctant to attempt any sort of lawn improvement...
One might put a newly seeded lawn toward the end of the rotation, thereby giving it a chance to establish before the root inhibitor is put down on it...

The great advantage of Dormant Seeding is that it can only improve the requires no machines to plant,,, no dethatching,,, no aeration,,, no slit-seeders,,, no fertilizers,,, no herbicides... just toss the seed in areas of bare soil or even amongst the dead bodies of Fall killed weeds...
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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