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Your right toro:

Your right toro. I think the name is cookie cutter and blocky as well. The reason I had such a hard time with the name was I did not want to do just landscaping. I learned landscaping early on but I knew my body would eventually tire so I wanted to get into the heavy equipment side of things. Pull levers all day right?

I started taking anything I could get, mostly handyman stuff. I worked my way up until people trusted me with larger and larger jobs. Landscaping just didn't fit.

I guess the name was a retirement plan in a way and I was planning for 30 years out. I wanted to get into heavy equipment, my dream forever, but all I had was a puny ford ranger. Landscaping built my cash up to a nice f-250 a payed for new cam superline dump trailer, and coming soon and mini skid!

Originally Posted by Toro 455 View Post
I like everything you do. But the name makes you sound like some crummy property management companies.

It doesn't reflect the artistry you deliver.

I apologize for coming off as rude and crude, but I don't think the name does you justice. Maybe Stein property design services.
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