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Health insurance I don't/won't do.

Wrokman's comp the rates depend on the description you give for jobs tree workers is around 50% of pay landscape construction or hardscaping is also high close to 20% we do lawn-care and enjoy the low rate of 4.5% and we get a .3% rate for office. It is based on total income so when an employee is at time and half so is your insurance!

Motor vehicle on the trucks we have full coverage there's little difference in cost from our 25 year old truck to our 6 month old ram 4500 its about 1000 a year here per truck for commercial insurance. This covers trailers and all thats carried by the truck and we keep 500k/1000k on each truck.

Business liability insurance we keep 1000k/2000k on the business and we keep insurance on our equipment and shop. Our policy isn't written as the used values or replacement value. We have the values of each major piece of equipment written into the policy I.E. my 2003 lazer if stolen is 10k. Not sure of the break down between liability and the rest but it works out to about 1600 per year.
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