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Small stripe, i had the same issue and thoughts as you did when i got over 30 accounts. I was seeing where i could save time and speed up the route. I have 7 houses that are well over 2 acres with fenced in pool areas and doing them alone took me 3 hrs a house minimum. But on the other hand my other accounts took me 20-30min in and out solo. So having three guys including myself would have worked great on the big houses but the small ones it would have been counter productive. So i have just one other guy now that does maintenance with me an when we do pavers or construction of any type i call in other people. In 2012 we only cut grass two days a week but this year hopefully I can do three days because the grass grows and it has to be cut; people will wait on construction projects. And small yard signs and good quality stripes are the best way to get calls. 60% of my calls for maintenance last year were from people who saw my signs.
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