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Poor Maintenance On Echo 261T Trimmer

This is what happens when you don't have any scheduled maintenance. The crew just run it until it dropped. I just found this in one of the trailers. This unit was last checked in 10/2009. At that time it had ports cleaned plug new shoes filters. Keep in mind this unit was over 5 years old in 2009. So it ran two more years.

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Yes all that gloupy stuff is oil/clutch debris all mixed together. I don't know
how the oil got into the clutch area because the crank seal behind the flywheel was dry.

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And you can see that the shoes are down to bare metal.

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So the unit wouldn't start.....Put new crank seal behind recoil, had to put
a replacement coil, put carb thru ultacleaner, new plug, and had to remove and clean oil out of the on/off switch it was shorting. The unit cranked up and runs fine. And new clutch shoes. I am planning to pull the head off to check condition of the piston rings and bearing.
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