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Originally Posted by Dtkeith View Post
Have you thought about the new Microsoft Surface?
(in the spirit of disclosure, my winter work is at a Microsoft retail store)
It has a full version of Microsoft Office 2013 built in from the factory
2 styles of covers- and both have built in keybords!!
full size USB port right on the side
Skydrive- all of your stuff gets instantly synced between computer/phone/surface/web. I use this for billing. And everything else.
built in kickstand-with a cover and kickstand, the form is a laptop.
2 HD cameras- great for documenting work
live tiles on the start screen to keep you up to date at a glance (mail, calendar, weather, everything else)
full IE10 web browser with adobe flash
8.5-9 hour battery life (what I've been getting) and it charges back up in 2

This little rig has been great for me and my business. If you have any questions, please ask on this thread or feel free to PM me!!
I'd wait for the surface pro instead of the RT. The RT is like the ipad compared to macbook. Don't think of it as a full computer.

If you wait next month for the surface pro to come out, it is a full computer with i5 processor. You could completely replace your laptop with that.

Originally Posted by burnsyscapes View Post
i would rather get a surface than an ipad, but, the surface is wifi only so it had to be used at your home. not worth 600 buks to me.

i think the whole point of a tablet is to use it out in the field, and have internet. but thats just me.
Exact reason why I haven't bought one yet. I could get a wireless router but that's $65 a month, while the ipad is only $30. So money is money. So far sticking with my ipads, unless microsoft pulls their heads out of their ass and puts 3g in the surface.

Originally Posted by alldayrj View Post
You can steal wifi almost anywhere by me. No way I'm paying for a data plan on my phone and a tablet.
Can you use a usb disk drive and install programs like realtime landscape pro on the surface?
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Not here. Your lucky to find a unlocked wifi. You'd screw yourself if you needed to find customer info and cant because you dont have internet access when you counted on it.
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