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[QUOTE=tthomass;4599246]It has given us some opportunities definitely. I started out design/build and swore I'd never get into maintenance but we had more and more people requesting it...........

We're making this same move next season. I also swore we would never get into mow n blow, but we have lost too many fert and irrigation clients who are looking for a full service provider who can provide everything with one phonecall and only need to write one check a month. We have already built a route from our existing customers that will cover our costs, any new clients we pick up will be icing on the cake. And should give us a foot in the door for future work.

Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
No, it's not an "expense". It's an investment.
Exactly my outlook on keeping good guys on during the winter. How many posts are on here about finding good employees and keeping them, how many threads along the lines of "i've gone through xx guys this year". Keeping good quality guys on over the winter greatly increases the likelyhood they will be with you the fallowing season. Laying them off seasonally greatly increases the likelyhood of them finding work elsewhere. The investment of keeping a quality guy on over the winter is better than investing in a new guy in the spring and loosing your investment when he doesn't work out.
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