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Originally Posted by danthony View Post
I am looking at professional quality and ease in 3-d computer landscape design. Anyone have some feedback here? I think some things out there look a bit cheesy. Also I am wanting to be able not to have too clunky of a process that will take forever. I like dynascape 2-d look, but i don't know how they really compare so well... and the price along with the 'subscription' seem a bit high, although I won't rule it out. Also considering Vectorworks, Realtime LA 2012, maybe PROscapes?

ease of entering in topography
ease of going from 2-d to 3-d
nice walkthru presentation for clients
professional looking

I use ProLandscape Design Software. I have 22 years in the field, 12 of it in design.
To be honest, there is no 'easy'. You use a lot of 'ease' in your wish list. It doesn't exist. Either you are a designer, with time invested in learning how to do it, or you are not.
Take a winter, learn a format. Take classes or teach yourself. There will be about a 2-3 year learning curve as you use the software and work with your clients before you become decent with it.

But there is no easy for a do it yourself designer.

Either you are willing to invest your own time to learn, or your own money to hire a designer/salesman. The other option is to NOT design at all. Just keep it simple and keep it to napkin sketches.

People have done GREAT landscapes long before there were LAs and design software.
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